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Prepare for success by watching today’s video and learn my top tips to help you crush this challenge!

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Time to Get Prepped!

PREP STEP #1 – REVIEW THE PLAN (click here to download)

Look over the meal plan to get a feel for what you are going to be eating.


Check out my tips & tricks for servings guidance, substitutions, and other CKL pro tips! Adjust the shopping list accordingly for any substitutions and increased serving if you need to!


Take your shopping list to the grocery store and load up on nourishing and delicious keto foods! Aim to buy the best quality! Look for organic produce, pantry staples, spices and healthy fats. When it comes to proteins, look for these labels: grass-fed, grass-finished, pastured, and wild-caught. We love ButcherBox!


When you get back from the grocery store, turn on some music and get prepping! I have outlined the most efficient way to meal prep, so that you minimize your time in the kitchen throughout the 7 days. 

PREP STEP #5 – join the Fb Group (Click here to join!)

Make sure you join our CKL Kickstart Community. Where I'll be personally supporting you, answering your questions, giving you extra tips, running live q&as and much more. So make sure you head there now!

CKL Kickstart Pantry Staples

CKL Kickstart Keto Pantry Staples

1) Thrive Market Organic MCT OilMCT oil is odorless, flavorless, and can be added to smoothies, salad dressings, and coffee for a big dose of healthy fats, which you NEED ON KETO! MCTs are easier for the liver to process and metabolize for quick energy, so put a tablespoon in your morning coffee and start the day off right!

2) Thrive Market Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Made from 100% certified organic olives, this olive oil has a bright, fruity, peppery flavor profile. Drizzle this healthy fat over roasted fish, salads, and steamed veggies.

3) Primal Kitchen Avocado Oil - Oil made from avocados - what's not to love?!! This oil is the perfect keto cooking oil because of its high smoke point, amazing fat profile, and mild and versatile flavor that blends perfectly with all your favorite dishes. Use this oil for roasting, broiling, sauteing and stir-frying.

4) Thrive Market Organic Virgin Coconut Oil - Is there anything that this oil can't do? There are endless ways to use it in the kitchen, such as sauteing, frying, baking—but it can also moisturize skin and deep-condition hair, too. We like this brand for the price point and because it is certified organic.

5) Thrive Market Organic Coconut Milk - Coconut full-fat milk is the ultimate keto pantry essential. We always keep 5 cans on hand to add to coffee,  make whip cream, and bake with with.  We love this brand because it contains no additives or preservatives. In fact,  it only contain two ingredients: organic coconut and water. You can't get more pure than that!

6) Fourth & Heart Grass Fed Ghee - If you haven't tried ghee - you are missing out!! Ghee is clarified butter that is free of lactose because all of the milk solids are completely removed, so it is much easier to ingestIt is oh so creamy and can be used just like butter.


1) Thrive Market Coconut Aminos  - Upgrade your soy and gluten-filled soy sauce, for this version! These aminos have the same sweet-yet-salty umami flavor as soy sauce, but offers a big difference when it comes to nutrition. They are loaded with minerals, vitamins, and 17 amino acids.

2) Thrive Market Dijon Mustard - This perfectly pungent Dijon makes everything—from marinades and dressings to sausage and sandwiches—sing. It’s made from just six ingredients, including mustard seeds, organic vinegar, and organic spices. No artificial preservatives here. Just a pure and simple condiment to make all your favorite foods a little more fancy.

3) Thrive Market Balsamic Vinegar -  This thick, glossy vinegar pairs perfectly with a variety of foods. Drizzle it over grilled vegetables or meat, whisk with mustard and oil for a tart salad dressing, or put a few drops on strawberries for a sweet ending.

4) Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar - This Organic Unfiltered ACV can add a pop of tangy flavor to salads, veggies, and even popcorn, but it also has nutritive benefits with enzymes that may help with digestion, pH balance, and inflammation. Bragg makes theirs with non-GMO, USDA certified organic apples and keeps it raw and unfiltered with the “mother” intact.

5) Napa Valley Red Wine Vinegar - This Certified Organic Red Wine Vinegar is made from a blend of fine red wines which are then aged in oak barrels, not stainless steel tanks. Use our Organic Red Wine Vinegar in salads, pastas, marinades and sauces. Also drizzle it on fresh vegetables right out of the bottle.

6) Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides - Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body and is a key constituent of all connective tissues. Peptides are short chain amino acids naturally derived from collagen protein. These natural peptides are highly bio-available, digestible and soluble in cold water. The intake of collagen ensures the cohesion, elasticity and regeneration of skin, hair, tendon, cartilage, bones, and joints.

7)  Organic Bulletproof Coffee - Clean and bright, Bulletproof Upgraded Coffee is a well-balanced coffee with a full body and undertones of caramel that comes from organic estates grown without chemicals (herbicides, pesticides, etc.).

8) Thrive Market Cacao Powder - Cacao is chocolate in its purest form. Add it to baked goods or smoothies for an extra boost of flavor!

9) Stevia Sweet Drops - Natural SweetLeaf Sweet Drops have zero calories, zero carbs and are gluten-free. They are made with stevia leaf extract.