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Join Thousands of Women Who Have Seen Success with ckl 21


Master the Keto Diet In Just 21 Days to Look and Feel AMAZING!


  • Start the ketogenic way of life the RIGHT WAY!
  • Develop and stick to healthy eating habits
  • Never worry about what to’s done for you
  • No need to tediously calculate and track's HANDLED!
  • Speed up time at grocery store
  • Reduce time in the kitchen
  • Learn how to batch cook efficiently
  • Quit sugar and junk food
  • Discover crave-worthy healthy KETO recipes
CKL 21 Keto Meal Plan
CKL 21 Keto Meal Plan


  • 35 SIMPLE and DELICIOUS Ketogenic Recipes
  • Weekly Meal Plans for 21 Days
  • Grocery Shopping Lists
  • Weekend Prep Instructions (to make your life EVEN EASIER!)
  • Easy-to-follow Ketogenic Food Guidelines
  • Tips for healthy eating within your family and social group
  • A complete list of the kitchen tools & gadgets you’ll need!
  • What to clear out of your pantry, NOW
  • What pantry staples to stock up on instead
  • BONUS! 21-day Get Toned Workout Plan! All the workouts are less than 30 minutes long, and require no special equipment. No need to go to the gym!


Seriously It Is Possible!

I created CKL 21 to ensure that you won’t have to waste hours and hours researching keto and struggling to find yummy, clean keto recipes.
I’m taking away all the guesswork by giving you my exact (delicious) KETOGENIC MEAL PLAN to follow for 21 days that I have used on my clients to accelerate their results!
I am also giving you all my tips and tricks to maximize your results including when to eat, how to save time, and how to set yourself up for success!
Plus, I am giving you a BONUS 21-Day Workout Plan designed to maximize your results!
You’ve probably heard before that 21 days is the time it takes to build a new habit.
…Well, stick to this 21-DAY KETO ACCELERATOR PLAN, you’ll achieve ketosis AND you’ll become a pro at preparing healthy, nourishing meals for yourself.
There’s truly nothing more satisfying!

Delicious keto Recipes


  • You know exactly what to eat each day to ensure you are following the ketogenic diet principles correctly and getting your body into ketosis, where it is burning your own fat as fuel! No need for tedious macro-tracking and second-guessing.
  • You’re eating healthy, satisfying meals every single day that you made with your own two hands, and that you KNOW are just chock-full of all the nutrients you need to feed your body.
  • You and your loved ones don’t waste valuable time on the perpetual “What’s for dinner?” conversation anymore.
  • Your energy is through the roof because you’re treating food as fuel, and finally giving your body the delicious, nutritious, high-octane fuel it deserves! Say goodbye to mood swings and 3PM crashes, you’re good to go, all day long!
  • You sleep oh-so-well every Sunday night, not just because you’re in ketosis and getting amazing sleep...but because you KNOW you already have all your meals prepped for the entire week (including snacks!)
  • You’re “eating to live” instead of “living to eat,” because you don’t have to waste a single drop of your precious brainpower on obsessing about food anymore!


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