How To Get Started With Keto

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how to get started with keto

getting started is the hardest part

Food with Omega-3 fats

beginner's guide to keto

getting started is the hardest part


Like everything you do in life being prepared is the key to success.  The steps outlined below provide you the tools and information that you need to get started with the keto way of life.  Trust me—the Ketogenic diet works with fabulous results, but it does take dedication and commitment to stick to the plan. Below is an outline of steps to take that will set you up for success! Ready, set, ketosis!!


  • Information is power!  Knowing the science behind the ketogenic diet and why it works is a huge motivator in implementing and sticking with the plan. In addition, learning the basics of what to eat and what to avoid is crucial for success. Luckily for you, we have all the resources that you need to be successful easily organized in the Resources page.  Make sure to check out the following at a minimum:
  • Timing is everything! Pull out your calendar and look for a 7-14 day window that makes sense for you to start. You are looking for a low stress time frame that allows you time to cook meals at home and focus on yourself. That means you want to avoid starting the diet when you have a huge deadline at work, are busy with kid's activities, or are going on vacation.  With the craziness that is the normal way of life nowadays, no time is ever perfect. But try to be cognizant of when a realistic time for you to start would be.
  • Preparation = Success! Spend at least a week getting prepared!  You want to ensure that you have the proper foods, cooking equipment and pantry staples ready to go from Day 1. See below for these specific steps.


  • Purge
    • Get a big garbage bag and throw away/donate anything in your fridge, freezer, pantry or kitchen cabinets that is on the “Avoid List” of the The Keto Food Guide:
      • All Grains & Starches (flour, pasta, bread, crackers, rice, etc.)
      • Beer, Ciders, and Sweet Wines/Liquor
      • Refined Oils (vegetable, grapeseed, canola, soybean, corn)
      • Margarine
      • Sugar of all Kinds (agave, high fructose corn syrup, cane juice)
      • Artificial Sweeteners (Splenda, Truvia, Equal, Sweet'N Low)
      • Factory Farmed Meat, Poultry, and Seafood
      • Processed Foods (basically anything that comes in a box or can)—a few exceptions would be cans of tomatoes or tuna that have only added salt or water
      • Soda/Diet Soda
      • Fruit Juice
      • Fruit-based Smoothies
      • Energy Drinks
    • Make sure to read the food labels on any packaged items. Condiments, sauces, even pickles can have added sugars. Also, any ingredient that you can't pronounce is a warning sign that it is not a real food!
    • Important Note: For some people, purging can be very liberating and motivating.  If you are one of those people, this will be an easy task. Others find purging to be extremely hard as they think that they are throwing away money and having doubts on what they are actually going to eat?! Be strong and push through these emotions!!  Think of this step as setting yourself up for SUCCESS!!  And don’t worry—you will be replacing all of these toxic items with nourishing & delicious real foods!!
  • Restock And Organize Your Pantry
    • Now that you have removed all the “fake foods” in your kitchen, let’s replace it with the good stuff!
    • Using the The Keto Food Guide stock up on your pantry staples. So basically anything in the following categories of the guide:
      • Quality Oils
      • Nuts & Seeds
      • Nut Butters
      • Other
      • Also, a few other items (ghee, lard, tallow and mayonnaise) that are listed in other categories
    • You don't need to buy every single item, but have at least 1-2 items per category on hand as they will be used consistently in the diet.
    • Most of these items can easily be found at Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s or my favorite online store: Thrive Market.
  • Kitchen Essentials Inventory
    • Cooking at home when you first start the ketogenic diet allows you to be in control of what you are putting into your body. Restaurants can use refined oils, add sugars, or other additives to their foods, which sets your progress back. As a result, you want to prepare your meals at home when you first begin the diet.
    • Don't worry all of you “non-cooks” out there – there are a ton of keto recipes that are super easy to follow and don't require fancy kitchen equipment.
    • At a minimum, here are some basics that you need.  You most likely own a majority of these items already:


  • Meal planning is crucial when you first start the ketogenic diet.  The task forces you to sit down and really think about how you are going to incorporate this diet into your life.
  • There are tons of recipes available online with a simple Google search, so it really comes down to your taste preferences.
  • Start with a blank piece of paper or a document on your computer and list all of the days of the week, next start filling in the meals each day for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  It really is that simple!
  • As you are adding each meal – start a separate grocery shopping list so you know exactly what you need to buy.
  • PRO TIP: Skip all the hard work & download our Free 7 Day Kickstart Meal Plan – here.


  • Shop 2-3 days BEFORE you begin the ketogenic diet to ensure a smooth and hassle-free start.
  • With your meal plan's grocery shopping list in hand, head out to the store (ideally Whole Foods, Trader Joe's, a farmer’s market, or local grocer with high quality products).
  • Important Note: Food quality is critical for quick and lasting ketogenic results – so make sure you are sourcing your foods properly. Don't know how to do that or live in an area that doesn't have great options?  No problem! Check out this guide!


  • Dedicate a few hours after you return from the grocery store or on the day before you start the diet to meal prep. This means washing & chopping veggies, roasting meats & veggies, preparing dressings/sauces, or baking a big egg frittata for the week! Whatever you can do ahead of time, makes life so much easier during the week when our schedules are hectic and we are constantly on the go!
  • PRO TIP: Make it fun! Throw on some music, meal prep with friends, or even have your kids help!! Meal prepping can actually be an enjoyable and rewarding experience.


  • Make a commitment to yourself to make your health goals the Number 1 priority!!
  • Find a strong support group to hold you accountable and give encouragement.
  • Reach out to us with any questions along your journey! Contact us here!
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