Keto French Toast

by Clean Keto Lifestyle

Our Keto French Toast is breakfast decadence at it’s finest!

Clean Keto French Toast

The Art of Keto French Toast:

This Keto French Toast recipe takes the traditional egg loaf, cuts it into slices, dips it in egg wash, and then a coats it in a sweet “keto breading”. Once the loaf is ready, we fry it up on a skillet so the outside gets a nice crunch and the inside is remains soft. There are warm notes of cinnamon throughout every component of this dish and then we top it all with some berries, sugar-free syrup, and confectioners sweetener.

It’s the perfect weekend breakfast and we are telling you, this Easy Clean Keto French Toast is 100% out of this world!! Add it to your rotation as soon as you can!

French Toast Tips:

  • Follow the steps in order:
    1. First, bake the loaf
    2. Second, dip the loaf in an egg wash
    3. Third, coat the loaf in the almond meal crust.
  • Fry your Keto French Toast slices in butter. Butter gives it the best flavor!
  • Use keto-friendly toppings, like berries, sugar-free syrup, or confectioners sweetener.

What Equipment You Need:

Clean Keto French Toast


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