Keto Ribeye Steaks with Garlic Rosemary Butter

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Keto Ribeye Steaks are one of our favorite dishes to serve for a romantic dinner or special occasion. They are so easy to make! Plus, they are loaded with flavor thanks to a decadent garlic rosemary butter.  These steaks are keto, low-carb, dairy-free, grain-free, and gluten-free!

ribeye steak in a cast iron skillet with garlic cloves

Keto Ribeye Steaks with Garlic Rosemary Butter

This Keto Ribeye Steak recipe is a staple for romantic dinners and for very good reason.

It is one of the most flavorful cuts of meat, takes less than 20 minutes to prepare, and is so satisfying.

Paired with a delicious Garlic Rosemary Butter, these ribeye steaks will definitely be a showstopper on your dinner table.

butter being spooned onto a ribeye steak in a cast iron skillet

A Romantic Treat

This Keto Ribeye Steak is a perfect romantic dinner recipe.

Pair it with your favorite fancy wine and some simple keto side dishes and you've got yourself a delicious keto date night!

This would be a great Valentine's Day or anniversary date recipe.

ribeye steak in a cast iron skillet with a silver spoon

Ribeye Basics

Ribeye steak comes from the beef rib primal cut. It's juicy, flavorful, and the best kind of steak you can prepare.

When heading to your butcher, here are some quick tips:

  • You can get boneless or bone-in, but know that bone-in has more flavor and moisture (but can make cooking more difficult).
  • Look for ribeye steak that is marbled with fat, which gives you the best flavor.

For this recipe (as well as all of our entrees that contain meat products), we choose to use ButcherBox, a monthly subscription service that delivers premium beef, chicken, and pork products right to your home!

It’s convenient, easy, and just… better.

We’re very particular about our protein and make a conscious effort to consume only top quality, humanely sourced beef products. All of ButcherBox’s steaks are grass-fed and grass-finished, which we love! 

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cooked ribeye steak with rosemary sprigs

Cooking the Perfect Keto Ribeye

We are cooking these ribeye steaks in a cast iron skillet on the grill with butter to keep them moist and flavorful!

All you need to do is heat your grill to high. Place the ribeyes in your skillet and then add in the butter, rosemary, and garlic. 

The key is to keep spooning the melted butter onto the ribeyes while they are cooking in the skillet to keep them moist and so they absorb all that flavor.

Cook the ribeyes on each side 5-7 minutes, and make sure to let them sit for 15 minutes after cooking. The temperature should rise to 135°F for medium rare (a warm red center). 

Feel free to cook the steaks longer if you prefer your steak cooked medium to well done.

Ribeyes with Garlic Rosemary Butter

Garlic Rosemary Butter with Keto Ribeye

This keto ribeye is instantly elevated with garlic rosemary butter.

Using garlic and rosemary in the melted butter makes the ribeyes so much more flavorful!

Make sure you use freshly crushed garlic – not garlic powder – for a more fresh and powerful flavor.

cooked ribeye steak in a cast iron skillet

Know When Your Ribeye Is Done

Use a meat thermometer!! It is truly the only way to tell if the meat is cooked because actual cooking time will vary depending on the shape of the roast and thickness.

You must cook the steaks until 120°F, and the temperature should rise to 135°F.

Make sure when checking the temperature that you stick the instant-read thermometer into the thickest part of the roast.

Looking for the Perfect Dessert for Your Dinner

Check out our newest recipe video for Keto Zucchini Bread Whoopie Pies.

This dessert is a our most popular and makes for the perfect ending to your meal.

Ways to Add More Flavor to Your Keto Ribeyes

If you want to add more flavor after your ribeyes cook, you can serve them with roasted garlic or rosemary on the side.

You'll get great presentation points and can drizzle more melted butter on the side for extra fats!

Ribeyes with Garlic Rosemary Butter

What Side Dishes to Serve with Your Keto Ribeye 

Serve these steaks with some of our favorite side dishes for an unforgettable meal. 


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