Keto Chili with Biscuits

by Clean Keto Lifestyle

Our Keto Chili is delicious, hearty, and perfect for chilly weather! It is a classic dinner that is easy to make. Our version is bean-free and completely satisfying – especially with some low-carb biscuits. This dish is keto, low-carb, grain-free, and gluten-free!

Classic Keto Chili with Biscuits

Keto Chili (with Biscuits!)

There's nothing like a hot bowl of chili to warm you up during the cold weather – and this keto chili is no exception!

We can't wait to tell you how we created the low-carb biscuits that give you the fluffy, buttery flavor without all the carbs. 

It is so easy to make and is sure to become a staple in your kitchen!

Classic Keto Chili with Biscuits 1

A Weeknight Staple

You will want to serve this dish over and over again. It'll become a part of your regular weekly menu.

Oh, and it doesn't need to sit on the stovetop – this could be a great slow-cooker recipe too.

Classic Keto Chili with Biscuits 3

Featured Recipe Video

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Our Secret “Chili” Combo

Most chili recipes contain beans, but this keto-friendly version doesn't have any.

This chili uses a combination of ground beef and pork to provide hearty protein without any carbs.

It is perfection. 

Classic Keto Chili with Biscuits 2

How to Make Spicy Keto Chili

Our recipe uses just a small bit of sriracha and chili powder.

But if you like your keto chili to have more of a kick, add cayenne pepper and some red pepper flakes.

You'll notice more heat for sure! 

Classic Keto Chili with Biscuits 3

What's in Keto Chili? 

To make our keto chili, we used the following fresh ingredients. 

Classic Keto Chili with Biscuits

Can You Use Ground Chicken or Ground Turkey Instead? 

We recommend using ground beef and ground pork for a hearty chili, but the meat could easily be swapped out.

Feel free to replace beef or pork with chicken or turkey if that's what you have on hand.

Either way, this keto chili will taste phenomenal.

Classic Keto Chili with Biscuits

Are Biscuits Keto-Friendly? 

Typical “homemade” biscuits are loaded with flour and carbs, so they aren't keto-friendly.

Luckily, this recipe is! It uses a combination of melted butter, cheese, and almond flour to get that delicious biscuit flavor.

Make sure to use yeast as well – it'll help the biscuits rise and give them an authentic bread flavor.

Classic Keto Chili with Biscuits

Don't Forget the Biscuits!

The biscuit recipe is optional but definitely worth making.

The cheesy, buttery biscuits go so well with the hearty chili flavors. We make these biscuits all the time.

For a little extra fun, add a few herbs or spices! Oh yum! 

Classic Keto Chili with Biscuits

What to Serve with Keto Chili

This is a recipe the entire family will love. They won't even know it is Keto.

Serve it with some of our favorite side dishes for an unforgettable meal. 

Classic Keto Chili with Biscuits


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