Keto Cookie Monster

by Clean Keto Lifestyle

We don’t know what this is called where you are from, but from where we are from it is called a Keto Cookie Monster!

Clean Keto Cookie Monster with Coconut Ice Cream

The Best Keto Dessert Ever?

A Keto Cookie Monster is chocolate chip cookie dough that has been baked in a cast iron skillet and topped with ice cream. It is so ridiculously good!

Let's go over why this is Keto Cookie Monster is the BEST EVER!

  1. It Mixes Hot With Cold! We take a warm, melty hot cookie base and then top it with cold, creamy ice cream. Perfection! The contrast in temperatures is super appealing.
  2. Dark Chocolate! We love our chocolate really dark and it makes the best ice cream!
  3. Dense Gooey Chocolate Chip Cookie Base! The butter and almond flour in this recipe makes this cookie so rich and decadent! Keto Cookies make the best cookies!

So don't delay any longer and make this recipe as soon as possible!!

Keto Cookie Monster Pro Tips:

  • This recipe will make a whole batch of cookie dough and ice cream. We fit the all the dough into a cast iron skillet.
  • Using up all the dough for the Keto Cookie Monsters will feed about 10-12 people.
  • Double the batch and freeze the rest. It should keep frozen pretty well for about 2 weeks.
  • This ice cream recipe makes some pretty dark chocolate ice cream. If you want it a little lighter, we suggest using 6 tablespoons of cocoa powder instead of 8.
  • And one last note, the carb count depends on the kind of chocolate you use. So keep that in mind.

Although the keto diet prohibits sugar, you can still enjoy upgraded versions of your favorite desserts. With just a few simple swaps, you can turn a carb-loaded dessert into a fat and protein-filled treat that will keep you satisfied and won't send you on the “glu-coaster”.

The desserts that you typically find in a grocery store are loaded with sugar, highly processed additives, and practically no nutritional value at all. However, the Clean Keto Lifestyle is all about enjoying food while knowing the nutritional value behind it.

Keto Dessert Swaps:

  • Swap #1: Swap white flour for almond flour! It adds more nutrients and makes the dessert more filling.
  • Swap #2: Swap sugar for erythritol! It's a staple for keto desserts and recipes.
  • Swap #3: Swap brown sugar for Sukrin Gold! If you are unfamiliar with Sukrin Gold, it is a brown sugar substitute made from erythritol and stevia.  It really does have the warmth and texture of brown sugar that you just can't get from regular erythritol.

What Equipment You Need:

Clean Keto Cookie Monster


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